13 Elm Streets - quirky yet professional custom graphic design.

I know you. You don’t do business as usual. In fact, the idea of sitting in a gray cubicle all day makes you want to cry. You prefer zipping around the world, or operating your dream startup, or using your natural talents to help other creative entrepreneurs.


Let me help you live your dream, one remarkable design at a time.


I create custom graphic design for creative entrepreneurs like you who want to up their online and offline game. Because come on – who wants to buy from someone whose brand identity is stuck in the WordArt era or doesn’t even fit with their personality?*

*Hint: no one.

Look, good design isn’t just about a pretty picture (although looks are important). Good design is about crafting an image that gets results and resonates with your target audience. My typography-based creations have been known to add a much-needed dose of professionalism to online spaces, boost social media shares, delight new email subscribers, and more.


You want results. I want to help you get them. So, let’s do this.

Brand Identity Design: A Beautiful Brand, Tailored To You (13 Elm Streets)

PDF Design: Impress your clients, students, and subscribers. (13 Elm Streets)

On Call Designer: Ongoing, priority support for your business.

I’ve worked with Sierra to design graphics for One Woman Shop and have been thrilled with her work. She is an awesome designer and businesswoman – responsive, intuitive, and talented. Don’t let her age fool you!

Cristina RomanOne Woman Shop

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